Our dedicated maintenance team is part of the MIG family. Our tenants appreciate the prompt, courteous response and the availability and skill of our staff. Since MIG staff cares for our own properties, rather than contracting out to a property management company, our staff has an ownership and a pride in every job that they do.

MIG’s qualified staff of professionals, who have a combined 100+ years of service, is available to assist you with any maintenance request you may have from hanging a heavy clock, to building a wall in your suite, to providing consultation for your electrical and HVAC needs. The members of the MIG team are dedicated to and take pride in providing office space that exceeds your expectations in terms of being functional, purposeful and clean. While many of you have taken advantage of our convenient services, we hope to inform those of you who may not know. Your requests can be easily accomplished through our SRF system. The benefits to you for engaging a member of the MIG team for assistance with your property needs include their familiarity with the property and accessibility and availability for scheduling at a cost that is substantially less than an outside vendor.

Our online, easy-to-use maintenance request form ensures that all problems are accurately assessed and taken care of. While some property management companies tout average response times, we leave it up to our tenants to decide: they prioritize each problem as it occurs, and we can respond within minutes if the problem is deemed urgent.

MIG staff is also proactive in caring for our buildings and properties, maintaining the inside and outside of each property to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable, and attractive office community for our tenants.


MIG has greenfield and urban development experience.

Award Winning Developments of Parmenter Center and Arbor Gate, Landmark Oaks, and FCI.


MIG makes equity investments, as well as assisting in the management and oversight, of privately owned entities in Wisconsin and across the United States.