VP of Facilities

Mike became MIG’s Physical Plant Manager in 2013 after spending the previous 4 years as the Maintenance Supervisor at MIG’s Department of Corrections property, 3099 East Washington Avenue in Madison. Mike first began work at MIG LLC in 2007, as a Maintenance Technician. As the company’s Physical Plant Manager he supervises all aspects of day to day maintenance for all MIG properties across Madison as well as our Middleton properties. The maintenance supervisors report to Mike on building conditions, maintenance work, upkeep and improvements.

He holds a wealth of experience in managing large commercial building operations, including a profound comprehension of large HVAC systems that control the daily temperatures and conditions inside all our facilities. An admitted gearhead, Mike can take apart an engine, fine tune any motor, and is a master at diagnosing problems that need correcting.

Mike grew up in Madison and is a master drummer, playing in a variety of well-known bands, to include Muzzy Luctin and Magic Seven, among others. These experiences afforded him the opportunity to travel across the world and to meet and play with some of the biggest names in music. While he stills plays on a regular basis, he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching football and watching all kinds of extreme sports. He is partial to racing of any kind, but especially Formula 1.

Direct Number: 608-509-1010
Email: mhaefner@migllc.biz

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